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We use various covalent polymerization methods, including cationic polymerization, anionic polymerization, living radical polymerization, ring-opening polymerization, polycondensation and click chemistry to synthesize alternating copolymers, hyperbranched polymers, hyperbranched multiarm copolymers, brush polymers and other highly branched polymers or copolymers. We also use noncovalent bonding technology like the host-guest chemistry to prepare supramolecular polymers, especially those with more complex topological structures like linear-hyperbranched, Janus hyperbranched, dumbbell-like, dandelion-Like supramolecular polymers. Besides, we use copolymerization, pre-functionalization and post-functionalization methods to functionalize the polymers in order to enhance the performance and extend the applications.  

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