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New building blocks are one of the most important factors in the research of molecular self-assembly. For polymer self-assembly, many polymer precursors like linear block copolymers, star copolymer, graft copolymers, brush polymers and dendrimers have been used as building blocks. We are the pioneers in studying the self-assembly behaviors of amphiphilic hyperbranched polymers. From year 2004 to now, we have prepared many supramolecular aggregates at all scales and dimemsions, such as macroscopic tubes, physical gels, micro- or nano-vesicles, fibers, spherical micelles, honeycomb films and large compound vesicles, by direct solution self-assembly, interfacial self-assembly, or hybrid self-assembly of amphiphilic hyperbranched polymers. The unique characteristics as well as the mechanisms in the self-assembly of hyperbranched polymers have also been disclosed. Very recently, we are more focused on the self-assembly of amphiphilic alternating copolymers, which also show great potentials as the new kind of building blocks in self-assembly from the structures, functions and applications.

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